Andre de Winter

André de Winter, certainly one of the most outstanding lens designers of famous German camera and lens manufacturer Leica. He started to work at Leitz Canada Ltd. in the design department in 1969, directly under Dr. Mandler and Gerhard Bechmann. He became the major lens designer for most Leica-M (i.e. Noctilux in 1970), and Leica-R lenses. In 1987 he did the opto-mechanical design of 10 Panavision lenses. He transferred to Leica Camera AG in Solms in 1989, where he headed the opto-mechanical lens design department.
He left Leica and returned to Canada in 1999, he worked briefly for Leupold & Stevens in Oregon, USA. He returned to Leica in 2001, upon invitation by Lothar Kölsch, manager of the design department, and Alfred Hengst manager of the Sportsoptic department. In 2007, upon request from Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, André worked for CW-Sonderoptic-Wetzlar, designing the mechanics for the new Summilux-C, (cine lenses) for which he received the Scientific And Engineering Award® of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (“the Technical Oscar”).

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