Tokina represents one of the best manufacturers of lenses in the world. It is our honour to have this company on board so that we can assure that the lenses will be manufactured to the standards of quality that this lens deserves. We do not want to take any risk with a legend!

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd is a famous Japanese lens maker. The company was established in Tokyo, to be more precise in Shinjuku/Tokyo, in May of 1950 under the name Tokyo Optical Equipment Manufacturing. The first lenses were branded as Tokyo Koki, a shortened version of the phonetic translation into English of the company’s name, Tokyo Koki Seisakusho. The company was founded by former Nikon engineers as an OEM manufacturer and at first produced lenses for other companies, such as later Vivitar. In the early 1970’s the company began selling lenses under its own brand name, Tokina. In May of 1971 the company changed its name to Tokina Optical Co. Ltd. The company was later acquired by Kenko. Kenko also purchased optical glass manufacturer Hoya, whose glass was used by Tokina Optical. The combined company is now known as Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd., and represents all the facets needed for a lens manufacturer under one roof.

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